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Atlantic Canada Lobster
Le homard de l'Atlantique canadien
L'aragosta del Canada atlantico

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Handling and Eating Lobster

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Cracking a Canadian Atlantic Lobster

One of the most common ways to enjoy a Canadian Atlantic Lobster is a good old-fashioned lobster boil. Few foods can be as fun to eat, or as entertaining, as cracking a cooked lobster. While there are no secrets on how to crack a lobster and different people will have their own preferences, the following will assist those new to eating and cracking a cooked Canadian Atlantic Lobster. The most important part is to remember to have fun and enjoy!

Before beginning it is advised to put on a bib and have a good supply of napkins nearby. As you crack the lobster be prepared for the occasional squirt of water. While some people prefer to start with the claws, others would rather start with the to delectable meat found in the tail. Its up to you!

To remove the tail, grasp the lobster around the body with one hand and the tail with the other and gently twist. Pull apart the two pieces.
[NOTE: You may notice a green substance on the meat which is called the tomalley. There may also be a red substance known as the roe (eggs) found in some female lobster. Both are edible and considered by many to be one of their favorite parts, however they can be scraped off if desired].

Twist the tail

To remove the meat from the tail squeeze both sides together until you hear (feel) the shell crack.
Grab each side of the tail with a hand and open like a book. The meat can now be easily removed.


  Cut or crack open the tail

To remove the claws, simply grab the body with one hand and gently twist the claws and knuckle with the other hand.
Both claws and knuckles will separate easily from the body. Use care when holding the knuckle, since it has sharp protrusions that can hurt if not handled carefully.


  Twist the claws


Crack the claws open with a heavy and sharp knife, or use a lobster cracker (like a nut cracker).
Simply bend the claws after it is cracked and the meat can easily be extracted. You can also use the cracker to break the knuckle shell. Don't forget to remove the meat found in the small part of the lower claws... you will want to get every tasty morsel.


  Cut/crack claws open

The legs and the body also contain
edible meat.

Break and open the legs at the joint and use a fork or skewer to draw out the slender pieces of meat contained inside. For the body, simply pull apart the shell to expose the meat around the body. Remember all of the lobster is edible and the choice is up to you on how much you wish to eat.



Legs and body





Frozen Lobster / Live Lobster / Cracking a Lobster


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