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Atlantic Canada Lobster
Le homard de l'Atlantique canadien
L'aragosta del Canada atlantico

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Glossary of Lobster Terms

Banded - a strong elastic is placed around the claws of the live lobster for safe handling and to preserve quality.

Berried Lobster - a female with eggs under her tail. Under Canadian law, these must be returned to the sea.

Blues - a lobster, which is blue in color, a rare occurrence. Lobsters can have a mottled appearance (or uneven color, varying in shades) or also rare, white or yellow shelves. This is a pigmentation only, and does not affect the flavour or texture. All lobster turns red when cooked.

Brine - salt water used to cook or to store frozen whole cooked lobster.

Canners - a small lobster, weighing 175 to 450 g (approximately 1/2 to 1 lb.)

Carapace - body shell, measured from the back of the eye sockets to the end of the body shell (not tail) to determine legal size.

Chix (Chickens) - lobster weighing approximately 450 g (1 lb.)

Cold Pack - frozen lobster meat, packed in cans, not retorted. Frozen storage required.

Coral - internal roe or eggs.

Crusher - the larger of the two claws.

Cull - a lobster with one or no claws. Normally sold at a lower price.

Halves - lobster weighing 681 to 790 g (1.5 to 1.74 lbs.)

Hard Shell - a lobster whose shell has fully hardened after moulting. Hard shelled lobsters yield 50 to 60% more meat than soft shell or shedders.

Hot Pack - canned lobster, retorted and shelf stable.

Jumbos - whole lobster weighing more than 1.4 kg (3 lbs.).

LFA (Lobster Fishing Areas) - the coastline of Atlantic Canada is divided into regions or zones with applicable fishing seasons. The areas facilitate conservation management and allows control of the harvest, insuring the highest quality.

Markets - a size category for lobster's weighing 450 g to 1.5 k grams (1 to 3 lbs.).

Pincher Claw - the smaller claw.

Popsicle Pack - term used to describe a whole cooked lobster, packed in brine in a cello sleeve and frozen.

Pound - a storage area for holding live lobster.

Quarters - lobster weighing 568 to 676 g (1.25 to less than 1.5 lbs.).

Seasons - specific periods in the year when a particular area or region can be fished.

Selects - lobster weighing 908 to 1,130 g (2 to 2.49 lbs)

Shedders - lobster in the moult or soft-shell stage of growth.

Soft Shell - a lobster after it moults, or sheds its hard shell. The new shell remains soft for a period of time, to facilitate growth. During this soft-shell, meat yield is low, and meet texture and flavor is poor.

Trap - a cage like structure used to catch lobster alive.

Tomalley - green-colored liver of a lobster.


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