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Lobster Strawberry and Mango Salad

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Atlantic Canada Lobster
Le homard de l'Atlantique canadien
L'aragosta del Canada atlantico
   Lobster, Strawberry
   and Mango Salad

6 oz. Washed Spring Lettuce Salad Mix
5 oz. Lobster Meat
3 Large Strawberries, sliced
3 tbsp Chive Sticks
20 Slices of English Cucumber
1/2 Mango, Peeled and Sliced

3 Strawberries
1 tsp Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp Honey
3 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
1/3 c. Vegetable Oil
Cracked Black Pepper

Method For Vinaigrette
Place strawberries, Dijon mustard, honey and Balsamic vinegar in blender. Blend until smooth. With blender running add vegetable oil in a slow and steady stream until well mixed. Season with salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Method For Salad
To prepare salad arrange lettuce, lobster, strawberries, mango and cucumber evenly between 4 plates. Drizzle salads with vinaigrette and sprinkle with chive sticks.

Servings: 4


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